Welcome to the Website for Spiritual Master / Ascension Teacher Free Spirit

Free Spirit is the author of six books Meeting the Star Beings, Love on the Shores of a Distant World, Keys to Immortality, 101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life, his autobiography and finally Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – Leaving Planet Earth.

He specializes in matters related to Alien Intelligence (ETs), Spiritual Mastery and surviving biosphere collapse by way of Physical Ascension (transcending the human condition – without death).

In recent years he also became proficient in foretelling the future, with many of his foretellings coming true.

Free Spirit can foresee the future of Planet Earth and the human race, as well as the arrival of ETs to Earth at the time of biosphere collapse.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit shares a video message to the Human Race as an Emissary of Source

Biosphere Collapse 2017-2022 – A Warning to Humanity – Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Video Description The Truth about Biosphere Collapse, ETs, climate change and imminent ecological planetary level catastrophe. Why Planet Earth is dying and the human race is in existential crisis. The role of ETs in enabling some to leave the Earth prior to these events. Biosphere Collapse is coming 2017/2018 with Human Extinction at 2022-2025. Runaway climate change has already begun and ending in a planetwide continental cleansing and the end of all human life on Earth. The matter of ETs appearing in the Earth Plane and what happens to a planetary civilization such as humanity at the point of collapse.

This website along with his books and discourses is Free Spirit’s life work.  

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