Welcome to the Website for Spiritual Master / Ascension Teacher Free Spirit

Free Spirit is the author of six books Meeting the Star Beings, Love on the Shores of a Distant World, Keys to Immortality, 101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life, his autobiography and finally Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – Leaving Planet Earth.

He specializes in matters related to Alien Intelligence, Ascension, Astral Travel,  Dreaming and Merkabahs, The Reincarnational Cycle, Near Term Human Extinction (caused by catastrophic climate change) and Spiritual Mastery.

His work revolves around a core tenet that the Earth’s biosphere is dying (The Sixth Great Extinction), that human civilization as we know it will end and that some will be able to physically ascend into a Higher Realm in order to continue life on another world in another dimension.

His books enable the reader to understand the bigger picture, how to become karmically purified by Source as well as several potential scenarios that may unfold on Earth.

His work is suited for mature, respecting, ethical and well grounded students able to handle the Truth about Biosphere Collapse and near term Human Extinction.

Free Spirit does not entertain non-serious students given that the prospect of Near Term Human Extinction is a very serious matter indeed.

His work is most suited for those with 10-20 years of spiritual practice behind them.


On December 8th 2015, Spiritual Master Free Spirit completed his earthly work of spiritual teaching and entered into a lifelong silence with the Source.

This website along with his books and discourses is Free Spirit’s life work.  

Orders of Books, Merkabahs and Discourse Access are shipped/processed within 48 hours.